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S'up! The name`s Rochelle & I`m from the great land of Oz!

What you`ll find on this blog: LGBT rights, Glee, One Tree Hill, The Vampire Diaries & a lot of Darren Criss.

Just for anyone that wants to know more stuff about me. Beware I`m a little crazy.

Name? Rochelle.

Age? 16

From? Canberra, Australia. Contrary to popular belief it`s actually pretty cold here.

Sexuality? I`ve dated girls and I`ve dated guys so ultimately it`s who I fall in love with that matters. I guess I`d consider myself bi-sexual.

Ships? I ship A LOT. My OTP`s are Brooke&Lucas and Jack&Kate, but I also ship Jake&Peyton, Chuck&Blair, Nathan&Haley, Logan&Veronica, Damon&Elena, Matt&Caroline, Puck&Rachel, Brittany&Santana, Kurt&Blaine + heaps more.

More Info? A link to my fanpop account is in the sidebar, but apart from that I don`t have much more info that I`d like to give it {like my phone number or email}.